The Yurts

Jalpak Tash Yurts

LOCATION: Eastern Terskey Ala-Too Range, Kyrgyzstan
ELEVATION: 2,650m (8,700ft)
ACCESS: 6km/4mi (approx 2.5-3 hrs) via skis/splitboard
HEAT: Wood

ADDITIONAL FACILITIES: Seated outhouse (with a killer view!), outdoor terrace and table

40 Tribes’ Jalpak Tash Yurts are located high above the stunning Issyk-Kul Valley in northeastern Kyrgyzstan. The setup features two 5 1/2m diameter traditional Kyrgyz yurts – one kitchen/dining/guides yurt and a separate client yurt. Both are heated by wood burning stoves.

The yurts are accessed from our partner village via a 6km/4mi skintrack that follows a horse path used by villagers for hunting and harvesting wood. The site is surrounded by 3,500-3,700m peaks to the west, south and east, providing immediate access to a variety of backcountry terrain. Lake Issyk-Kul, the second largest alpine lake in the world, is to our northwest, and is the major contributor to our snowpack, providing the warmth and moisture required for the lake-effect snowfall that the eastern and southeastern shores are known for.

The food served at the Jalpak Tash Yurts is prepared by our local partners and will exceed your expectations (or so we hear!). Our breakfast menu is Western-inspired, featuring plenty of egg dishes (such as omelets and frittatas), pancakes and french toast, and always the option of muesli or porridge. The dinner menu highlights traditional Kyrgyz cuisine, and is prepared in a large cast iron cooking dish called a kazan over the wood burning stove. For apr├ęs ski sessions we keep a nicely stocked yurt bar with beers, Kyrgyz cognac, and Russian vodka for purchase.

Location & Terrain

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