Who We Are

We are 40 Tribes, a collective of professional mountain and river guides working in partnership with locals/guides in training from Kyrgyzstan to promote a more innovative and adventurous edge to the country’s community-based ecotourism industry.

Our passion for the backcountry means that we’re stoked on the places and experiences that you won’t read about in the guidebook: villages on the fringe, lost stretches of river, and world-class mountains that haven’t been mapped since the Soviet era. In those places we offer one-of-a-kind backcountry skiing/splitboarding and fly fishing adventures that emphasize environmental sanctity, sustainability, and community involvement and management.

The name 40 Tribes derives from the ethnonym Kyrgyz, which, when broken down into its Turkic roots kyrk and iz, presumably refers to a collection of forty tribes. According to the traditional poem of the Kyrgyz people, the original forty tribes that occupied the region were united against Chinese and Mongol invasion by the warrior – and now national hero – Manas. Today, a 40-ray sun is the central emblem of Kyrgyzstan’s national flag, and also our logo.

Our Guides

Ryan Koupal
Founder/Director, Tail Guide
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Ptor Spricenieks
Lead Ski Guide, Ski Mountaineering Instructor
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Greg Johnson
Lead Splitboard Guide, Avalanche Educator, Snowboard Mountaineering Instructor
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Our Local Partners

Kasidin Musaev
Yurt Host, Ski Guide In Training

Nurbek Kasym-Uulu
Village & Yurt Host, Chief Chef

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