VolunTourism With 40 Tribes

Forget checkbook philanthropy. Our VolunTourism program promises to benefit communities in rural Kyrgyzstan in ways that lump sums of money simply couldn’t achieve. By investing human hours into the training of our local partners, we empower them with new and applicable skills, a better understanding of the world’s social and economic relationships, and a new perspective on the amazing natural environment in which they live.

Join us for one month or longer to mentor villagers in the skills that you have mastered over the length of your own career. Live in one of our partner villages or backcountry yurts and enjoy a relaxed schedule that allows you to supplement your hours volunteering with time spent getting to know local people, immersing yourself in rural Kyrgyz culture, and of course, exploring some of the greatest wilderness in Central Asia.

Mountain and River Guides

40 Tribes guides get to play the most, but that’s because their work entails it. We invite professional ski guides and avalanche educators to join us for an amazing guiding/teaching experience in one of the most underexposed, premier mountain ranges in the world. Or, if rivers are your passion, we invite you to explore some of the 40,000 rivers and streams that run from Kyrgyzstan’s high mountain glaciers and snowfields.


We especially seek help from caretakers who have experience with winter maintenance/upkeep, and who enjoy the hands-on nature of homekeeping in a rural environment. Previous experience managing hut-to-hut/yurt skiing programs would be ideal.


Our local hosts are masters at tea, dairy, soup, bread, potatoes and mutton. We invite experienced chefs to work side-by-side with our partners to learn about Kyrgyz cuisine and to experiment with local recipes to create an innovative menu that builds upon and transcends traditional approaches to cooking.

Become a 40 Tribes Voluntourist