Guided Fly Fishing Tours

With more than 2,000 rivers greater than 10km in length, Kyrgyzstan offers endless opportunities to explore never-before-fly-fished water. Predominant species include Amu Darya, Sevan and Rainbow Trout, Osman, and Marinka. Join us anytime April-September for a rugged overland tour to the most idyllic fly fishing locations in Kyrgyzstan, and be among the first to cast your line into these unspoiled rivers.

Summer 2014

After 4 years imagining how sweet it would be to “open up” Kyrgyzstan’s wild rivers for fly fishing, we are finally ready to launch operations this summer! We are offering a single 7-day fly fishing expedition, open to a small number of clients:

Trip Duration/Dates

August 10-16, 2014
Sunday-Saturday (allow extra days for travel to/from Kyrgyzstan)
6 days fishing; 6 nights camping; 1 night in Bishkek

Group Size

Max 4. This will allow us to travel fully self-contained with all equipment in 2 4WD Delica vans.


This will be a rugged, overland trip highlighting a few select rivers. Travel between fishing locations may take up to half day or so in some instances, but priority will go to being on the water as much as possible. The trip will be guided and fully-catered. Accommodations outside of Bishkek will primarily be tents, however we may have the option of staying in yurts and/or village homestays alongside some of the rivers. The rivers that we 100% plan to fish, based on previous experience, are the Kokomeren and the Kyzyl-Suu. The rivers provide good variety of fishing conditions and scenery – the Kokomeren being a big volume river flowing from a high mountain valley down into a high desert canyon, and the Kyzyl-Suu being a smaller volume river that originates as a spring and slowly and intricately winds its way through fields of tall grasses and reeds. The Kokomeren is known for its populations of Amu Darya Trout, Marinka, and Osman. The Kyzyl-Suu is one of the most protected rivers in Kyrgyzstan and has a healthy population of Rainbows. Our plan is to be on the ground about 10 days prior to clients’ arrival, allowing us to “scout” stretches of both of these rivers, plus a few new rivers we didn’t get to last year, with the goal of returning with clients to where the fishing is best.

Guiding/Local Support

The trip will be guided by Sean Barry and Ryan Koupal, 40 Tribes’ Founder/Director, both of whom conducted the premiere scouting mission in September 2013.

Sean’s skill and passion as a fly fisherman landed him a spot on the scouting mission, a trip that required thorough experimentation with flies and technique. Sean has been fly fishing for more than 15 years, and has extensive experience fishing the rivers of the western United States – in Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and Colorado. After making the move from Jackson Hole, Wyoming to Portland, Oregon, Sean developed a serious habit of wading chest-deep in various streams and rivers in search of the elusive Steelhead. If he’s not “ghost” fishing, he’s matching hatches in order to lure trout the surface. Sean’s prolific experience throwing flies on big, deep and swift water as well as small, structured and pocketed water has matured his ability to hook up. Off the river Sean is a passionate educator and naturalist rooted in Environmental Science and Biology.

Accompanying us will be 2 of our local drivers and our main man/primary partner from our winter operations, Kas, as cook.

Required Experience

The trip is open to experienced fly fishermen/women only, as the fishing in Kyrgyzstan requires it. Skill is important, as is determination. More often than not your catch will be well earned.

Required Gear

We recommend a 5wt rod and reel as your primary setup. It is expected that everyone will arrive with all of the necessary fishing equipment, including rod/reel, waders/boots, fly arsenal, etc. We will additionally have a stock of flies for everyone based on our knowledge of previously effective patterns. Sleeping bag and pad plus misc personal camping equipment is also required. We will send out a detailed packing list including recommended flies before the trip.


Please contact us for pricing or to request additional information. Price is all-inclusive once in Kyrgyzstan; does not include international airfare and related fees, medical/evacuation insurance, alcohol, or tips.

Let the gallery below whet your appetite! All photos taken during our first scouting expedition September 4-18, 2013.

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