Thanks guys for a rad week, great lines, great tours, OK jokes. See you all again.

— Tom Collier
London, UK
March 2013

Ptor is a machine. Well selected lines up and down.

— Sebastian Althen
Munich, Germany
March 2013

We were there during a week of very challenging and rapidly changing conditions. So what blew my mind is that every day the guides were able to come up with amazing new places for us to ski. It’s a testament to the variety of terrain accessible, and also to the quality of the guiding.

— Bill Middleton
Almaty, Kazakhstan
March 2013

The best skiing experience of my life. Period.

— Fabio Storni
Bern, Switzerland
February 2013

Really enjoyed my time, big respect for what you have put together and long may it last. I had a great week, some great turns, learned a lot, and will now carry 5 dice in my touring pack!

— Rory Gallagher
Somerset, UK
February 2013

We sampled a lot of the terrain around the yurt. It was so rad how we rode something almost every day that no one had skied before. Amazing how close to the yurt those lines “Jupiter” and “Asteroid” are!

— Bret Shandro
British Columbia, Canada
February 2013

Felt honored to be guided and entertained by the likes of Ptor and thoroughly enjoyed both his and Greg’s company, advice, and conversation, both on and off the mountain.

— John Carolin
Johannesburg, South Africa
February 2013

The terrain around the yurt is awesome. Great variety and lots of options. Terrain is no limiter here!

— John Yarington
Montana, USA
February 2013

Excellent. A memorable experience and part of one of the best ski trips I have ever had.

— John Wild
Wellington, New Zealand
February 2013

Great 6 days of fine weather. Snow was wind affected in the alpine but enough to keep us all busy…and then there were the trees! By night we excelled at Yahtzee and moderate imbibing of local beverages. Thanks Ryan, Ptor, Kas and Azamat for the guiding, cooking, and being genuinely nice blokes. A wonderful stay!

— John Nankervis, Peter Platts, Jeremy Shearer, John Wild, Dave Bamford, Paul Lynch
New Zealand
February 2013

Thanks guys for these epic days that seemed way too short, and for the many chilled-out nights in the yurt with such awesome dinners! We had a blast.

— Katharina Hellwig
Lausanne, Switzerland
March 2012

We could not have asked for a better 4 days to learn about avalanches, take in the stunning scenery, and enjoy some sweet yurt livin’. Great instruction, great company, amazing food…and some nice turns to wrap it all up! You’ve really put something special together here, Ryan. Thanks for sharing.

— Mike Igoe and Carolyn Hricko
Montana, USA/Osh, Kyrgyzstan
February 2012

After a couple of days in Bishkek and Karakol we made our way up the mountains to the yurt. The weather was perfect and the views stunning – it was more than we expected! Greg the avalanche instructor has turned our world upside down when it comes to avalanche awareness. We have definitely learned a lot this week and it’s something we will bring back home to use when we play around in the mountains. This trip would not have taken place were it not for Ryan and his epic setup! We will most definitely come back. Best regards from Team Norway!

— Audun Lutnæs
Alvdal, Norway
February 2012

Fully stoked! We have all been amazed by this whole thing. We don’t have terrain like this back in NZ so couldn’t get enough of the views and the aura amongst these hills. This is the first real, legit deep pow we have come across on our journey so we were just freaking out the whole time! Awesome hosts! Ryan, much respect! You are on to a good thing here. Thanks so much for all of your help in making this happen for us.

— Charlie North
Auckland, New Zealand
January 2012

The Swedes without much expectations showed up in this beautiful country and what a success so far! Despite some inexperience of ski touring we have had some great ascents, a few PERFECT runs, avalanche awareness and snowy clouds for four days. We hope we’ve brought lots of snow to be settled for stellar February conditions.

When it comes to the organization and accommodation in the yurt we just want to say thank you – a perfect blend of comfort and coziness, great service, and super great people.

— Johan Danestig
Stockholm, Sweden
January 2012

We were making as amazing dreams in the day than in the night! I’ll never forget a so awesome experience. In the yurt with really good meal and powerful fire. In the mountain with incredible snow. Ryan…thank you for the weather :)

— Vincent Metz
La Franqui, France
January 2012

Ryan, you had a very great idea coming here and doing this! Congratulation! Now I will always drink my vodka thinking about Kyrgyzstan, Kasidin – the fire master, Anarbek – the real chef, and all of the great and amazing virgin powder line we ski this week…PERFECT!

— Nicolas Guyot
Les Avanchers, France/DR Congo
January 2012

DA YURT is so awesome, mountains so nice, powerful, amazing! We just spend an awesome trip like will never hope to have it. It was just perfect for the ski, for the vibes, just a mega THANKS!!

— Manu Kerinec
Montpellier, France
January 2012

Thanks for putting in all the effort and making 40 Tribes possible. The days I spent here were everything I expected and more. The tours were stunning, on the up as well as the down, and I felt like you were letting us in on a personal secret. It felt really special.

— Mickey Wakefield
Munich, Germany
January 2011

I’m seriously impressed. It’s a long, long way from Colorado and it takes a hell of a mixture of courage and intelligence to set up an operation like this, all before the age of 30. I wish you the very best of luck, and leave wondering what you will have achieved and what you will be doing by 40!

— Adam Carter
London, UK
January 2011

At 2,600m and -15C you have managed to create a boutique backcountry yurt of exception. What an experience, I have loved every moment of it. Thanks and hope to see you all again.

— Dorrien Ricardo
Morzine, France
January 2011

My memories: The stunning scenery whilst skinning up, the views across the plains, the moonlight and campfires, great mountain food, the local people’s hospitality, the white horse on the skin to the yurt. Thank you for setting this up, Ryan, it has been incredible.

— Nick Bowles
London, UK
January 2011

Had we bigger, fatter skis we might have kept our reputation as reasonable skiers. All that fades into insignificance to this whole fantastic amazing experience: 10 guys in a yurt for a week, comfortable & well-fed, bonfires and Yahtzee all night. Thoroughly enjoyed it all. Thanks.

— Roger Hobill
Melton Mowbray, UK
January 2011

A wonderful experience: the location, living in a yurt, the skiing, and the people and their culture; all have given us an opportunity to learn and grow. So far from our everyday lives – fantastic, thank you.

— Russell Price
Nottingham, UK
January 2011

So many amazing memories to take away – the stunning scenery, the stary nights, the awesome terrain…but most of all the warmth and the welcome of the yurt.

— Will Eaton
Courchevel, France
January 2011

This is a special place above Ichke Jergez, the result of months of hard work and years of experience with the local culture. A ski yurt, about as far off the grid as you can get, that’s as good for us as for the Kyrgyz villagers who allowed it to be here.

— Brandon Schaeffer
California, USA/Darkhan Village, Kyrgyzstan
January 2011

Vodka shots at Nurbek’s, lake views, the bright mountains out the door, stars galore, fireworks, gorgeous tours, and a super sweet cozy yurt. An incredible start to 2011, couldn’t have asked for better.

— Laurie Ashley & Chad Dear
Montana, USA/Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
January 2011

Your project is a great one…I hope many people discover this country, this specific place, and this way of living.

— Erica Bonnet-Laverge
Courchevel, France
January 2011